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The Preserve Secret Recipe

August 31, 2022
As our second community anniversary is quickly approaching, we want to take this opportunity to highlight who we have become and why we are now a radiant light in senior living. We have discovered the secret recipe, the ingredients which have been meticulously combined to transform a house into a home.

What is our secret recipe, you ask? We demonstrate sincere HOSPITALITY daily. We value the quality and disposition of receiving others warmly and generously. We value the instantaneous feeling which comes from embracing all those who enter our home. Honored and with gratitude, we are prepared and experienced to serve you, our friends and family, creating the comfort of assurance in your heart. We recognize and deeply understand the complexities of the challenges you are experiencing. When you are home, you are never alone.

In sincere EMPATHY, we walk through life together, accepting all the feelings and emotions that come with life unfolding in a constant state of change. We CHERISH all those whose lives have intersected with ours, recognizing home is where we may show our deepest affections and where tenderness may prosper. We protect, NURTURE and encourage one another. Simply being ourselves without any discomfort of judgment and in pure loving acceptance provides exactly what is needed to thrive.

After establishing this foundation, we enrich our recipe with staff who are now family (hand selected and the best of the best!). They are strong and have continuous communication, addressing all areas of wellness that are rich and purposeful. These carefully planned programs recognize the individual preferences of all who live in our home. Our food is extraordinary, our beautifully manicured courtyard feels like we are on vacation each day, providing an oasis of paradise, and time itself is revered, never to be taken for granted.

With so much to be thankful for, we are reminded every day how truly blessed we are. When asked, “What are you most thankful for? Please tell us three good things,” several family members replied, “We are thankful to be HERE, surrounded by so many wonderful people in this beautiful place. We are so happy.” While we will not divulge our other secret ingredients, there is no question that others will attempt to duplicate our secret recipe. We knowingly and confidently will smile, watching as others’ attempts fall short. They will never surpass what has become our home!

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