[Activities] are all pretty good. They keep your mind moving. [Meals] are all good, from the salads to the soups and desserts. You have excellent chefs here. I Like to mingle and joke with the other community members. I enjoy the quiet dinning room. This is the nicest place.


Overall experience: Excellent. I've been to other places, and this is by far the best.


The Preserve at Mentor Ridge has been excellent. It's new and the physical plan is very attractive. My mother was in their rehab facility first before she transitioned to memory care, and their continuing care made it easier for the family and for my mom to be familiar with the place. The staff was also very helpful and accommodating in making that transition. One of the things that we valued with it is there is not an escalation of fee-based pay that other facilities have. It's not like they're charging you from this rate and as your needs increase, they would charge you more. There is a flat fee at this point. So, there was an ability to know what your costs were going to be and that it wasn't going to be an escalating cost.

The food has been very good. My mother went through a significant weight loss, so she is needing some encouragement and they provide that encouragement to the residents. They go out and assist them with getting to the dining room to eat and to eat in a community setting as opposed to taking food trays to the room. They only do that for some people who are more homebound/room bound, but if there's any ability to ambulate, either by walk or wheelchair, everyone is encouraged to get to the dining room and have a community dining experience.

There are extra activities where memory care residents can participate in the assisted living (which is on the second floor) for social events like ice cream sundaes, happy hour on Fridays, and musical entertainment. There is the freedom to transition between the two areas, which is nice for increased activity. They also have open kitchen areas with stocked refrigerators where the residents can acquire juices, puddings, and applesauce for them to snack on between meals.


Every day coming through the doors to work is better than the last, each day presents itself with new challenges, but I know stepping through those doors and joining this team we have here, we can overcome anything. This facility adds a great deal of value to my life in ways of just helping me through daily life. There are a lot of great listeners who make the time to give their full attention to any problems or issues that arise, not just in daily work life but the occasional home life as well.

Adding value to the residents that I care for is something I strive greatly to do, whether it be just giving them a hug every day or making the time to show them I care deeply for them, even if it's showing them that I'm listening.

This facility is wonderful to work at, and I would encourage any of my friends to apply and join our team; they won't regret it. I PROMISE!

We have great staff here who I would trust wholeheartedly with my loved one. I truly believe if one of my loved ones needed our care services that they would flourish in coming to this facility.

Becca - Business Office Assistant

It was one of the nicest nursing homes I have ever visited and all the people including both the nurses and patients were so nice and welcoming. It was overall a fun experience and all the people were so nice.

A Gilmore High School Student

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