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March Activities Calendar

March 7, 2023
As spring is on the brink of emergence, our Preserve home has been in full bloom filled with love and gratitude, mixed with blessings- topped with joy and pleasure! Our planted seeds of empathy and compassion are steadily germinating. The radiant light beaming in our hearts continues to flourish.

Just outside our windows, we observe nature leisurely arousing as though awakening from its dormant slumber. While anticipating the re-emergence of nature, we have been creating and enjoying our own brilliant colors from within. Using our parachute, covered brightly in blue, green, red, and yellow, the room becomes illuminated with swirls of colored bouncing balls in the air! All the while, the country song, Up And Down, perfectly accompanies the playful ambiance of light and joy. The aroma of freshly baked cookies teases our nostrils like a breath of sweet wind, and all of our senses are heightened to a whole new level!

We excitedly anticipate new days on the horizon, finding continuing reasons to feel joy, hope, and purpose. March's program calendar is bursting with a vast array of entertainers. With toes tapping and hands clapping, our entertainment variety is like none other! We will travel to the ocean in our underwater adventure to the aquarium. Saving our appetites, we will indulge in fine cuisine for our Lunch & Bunch outing to Fuji Buffet. We will travel in a time capsule for our Natural History Museum outing while reminiscing of days of old. Yes, March will become the past in the blink of an eye as time continues teaching us many things, yet we realize...WE ARE the navigators!

Check out everything our Activities Department has in store for us in March on our Activities Calendar below.

March Activities Calendar

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