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High School Volunteers Bring Smiles to Residents of The Preserve

February 19, 2024
We're incredibly grateful for the dedication and compassion shown by our volunteers, especially those like the students from Gilmore High School who recently lent their time and energy to support our residents at Mentor Ridge and The Preserve.

One student from the swim team shared their experience at Mentor Ridge, highlighting the warmth and positivity they encountered. They mentioned, "At the Mentor Ridge nursing home, I volunteered along with the rest of the swim team. When we first got there we split up into groups and went into every room to talk to all the patients and hang up calendars in their rooms. While delivering lunches it was amazing to watch the nurses put the food on the trays knowing what each patient wants without even looking at the food card on the trays. It was one of the nicest nursing homes I have ever visited and all the people including both the nurses and patients were so nice and welcoming." Their enthusiasm and care in engaging with the residents were truly heartwarming.

Another student reflected on their experience, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to assist and connect with the residents. They said, "I helped to care for people who cannot care for themselves. Not only did we get to help serve them all lunch and help sit all of the patients up so that they could eat, but we also talked to all of the residents who might not get to talk to many people if their families don't live close by. It was overall a fun experience and all the people were so nice." Their empathy and willingness to make meaningful connections left a lasting impact on both the residents and our staff.

We deeply appreciate their kindness and dedication, and we welcome them back anytime to spread more joy and companionship among our residents!

Looking to make an impact on our residents' lives? Contact us below to learn about volunteer opportunities and work with our residents.

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High School Volunteers Bring Smiles to Residents of The Preserve
We're thankful to the students from Gilmore High School for their enthusiasm and kindness!

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