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Growing Together As One: Brew & Chew Program

November 6, 2023
As our family at The Preserve at Mentor Ridge continues growing in numbers, we also are growing in love and respect for one another. Building relationships takes time, trust, acceptance, and love. Being surrounded by the light of positivity, opening up, and exposing our deepest vulnerabilities have now become second nature. We continue learning to see with new eyes and new visions, as perceptions transform into beauty and joy through the immersion of all the designed programs uniting us. Opportunities to know each other on a tender, personal level reveal commonalities leading to comradery and thus, resulting in richer relationships.

"Brew & Chew" is the newest program created by us and for us. It is just one example of how we simply enjoy the presence of one another, sharing stories, laughter, and precious cherished time. We have always appreciated having a comforting steamy cup of coffee with a little sweet treat between lunch and dinnertime, and want to continue doing what we enjoy, and what works for us.

This is the first week we have formally incorporated Brew & Chew into our daily lives. Five new little puppies, just two weeks old, are taking center stage and becoming the gravitational pull- our hearts melting as one in loving compassion and tranquility. We will continue looking forward to this special time which is now designated for us to slow down at the end of each day and simply cherish the company of one another, growing as a family united in love.

Our Activities Department works hard to create fun and enriching activities for our residents. They strive to keep our residents engaged and entertained, contributing to their overall quality of life and well-being. To learn more about resident life at our assisted living community, click the 'Testimonials' button below.


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