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Gingerbread House Adventures

December 19, 2023
What began as a simple quest to create the best gingerbread house- quickly developed into an unexpected, finger-licking adventure!   

Directions were not given as this endeavor soon evolved into a project of problem-solving, camaraderie, and teamwork. Some of us chose to decorate the sides and roof of our house before using the frosting adhesive to hold it all together. Others of us thought it best to begin with the framework, saving the decorations for later. As always, the picture on the box looked so cute! The frosting and all the little embellishments were simply lovely. Excitement was in the air as we set out to execute our gingerbread-building strategies and jumped into action!

Amazingly, time became insignificant and our focus intensified as colorful edible embellishments converted into a festive tablecloth. (lick!) The white frosting, meant to be used as the adhesive, quickly became a nemesis to all, (lick!) and our problem-solving skills came to the forefront. We would not allow this challenge to be a roadblock to our victory! Some of us inconspicuously crept into the kitchen to the microwave, hoping the heat would magically transform the frosting's pasty, dense texture (lick!) into peanut butter-like smoothness. (lick!)

Instead, the opposite was produced. The frosting, while hot at first, quickly transformed into crumbles, making the mixture impossible to use. (lick, lick!) Gravity was working against us as the seams began splitting apart while attempting to place a chimney on top. It was at this moment we found ourselves suddenly aware of the competitors around us. Are they having the same challenges? How are their houses looking?

Like a deflating helium balloon, this became our transition into surrender, peppered with creativity. Through mental telepathy, while looking at our teammates, we gave each other a nod in agreement and nonspoken understanding. This was our adventure and we still had control of how it would all end. If you can't beat them, then eat them! Tenderly we removed a piece of roof from our house and, breaking it into equal pieces for all, became like Hansel and Gretel!

Guilt-free and happily munching and crunching, our teammate proudly exclaimed, "It now has a skylight!" Again we nodded in agreement. Brilliant! She stood up and an announcement was made. "Attention, everyone! We feel it would be a great idea to include a story as we present our houses for all to see! Please consider what story you would like to share about your house!" She then sat back down while popping another piece of frosting-covered roof into her mouth.

Creativity comes in various forms, and no one needed to tell us we were the winners! Our "Skylight House" was proudly presented for all to see. Heads tilted sideways, some scratching their heads trying to comprehend what they were being told. Hmmm, a Skylight House! Nice! Clapping ensued (or was that just in our imaginations?!) and the other gingerbread house creations were introduced: Matala Manor, House of Lights, Skylight House, Trump's Outhouse, and Sunrise House.

And so, this is how our gingerbread finger-licking adventure ends and that's how the cookie crumbles!

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