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Exploring The Science Center

October 11, 2022
Being a part of a senior living facility doesn't mean your life ends there. The Preserve makes it a priority to deliver the highest level of care and compassion and provide events, activities and outings so our residents can continue living their life to the fullest. Our residents love getting out and exploring our community, and we don't intend on stopping anytime soon!

When something triggers a child-like curiosity from within, our heart skips a beat, and it becomes another cherished moment. Our most recent outing to The Science Center did just that! Like true pioneers, we flew to the moon and back, making sure to capture every step of the journey! Comments heard were,

"Every kid in the WORLD should SEE this place!"

"Amazing! It's AMAZING!"

"I can NOT BELIEVE it!"

"We've seen SO MUCH today!"

When at the Dome Theatre, we experienced Ireland in a way like never before. However, the verdicts were a bit contrasting for this experience! The motions and movements brought on some vertigo, and we learned we weren't fans of The Dome. Quietly, we whispered,

"Now I know what it feels like to be drunk!"

"I think I'm getting seasick!"

Knowing grins of understanding were then exchanged between us.

In perhaps our favorite exhibit at The Science Center, we were captivated by the electric globe! While appearing quite hazardous and intimidating, we watched to make sure others wouldn't receive an electric shock before making any contact! Cautious at first, we started with a finger before graduating to our whole hand.

We captured the power of learning through hands-on experiences and truly felt charged by having this opportunity to gain new knowledge. Feeling like powerful wizards from Harry Potter, we loved holding the bolts of electricity in our hands. How exciting it was to experience and witness the spark of electrostatic discharge with the touch of a hand!

Our grand finale was quite grande and, again, something we have never seen before. With a slip of the hand (holding a debit card!), we watched a robot make our ice cream! What a delicious and refreshing way to conclude our outing. We were all left with only one question; When can we come back?!

It was an experience like no other, and although we are seniors and very experienced and wise, we were reminded that our love of learning is something that will never fade!

If you want to be more involved at The Preserve, contact us to see what opportunities we have available!

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