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April Activities Calendar

April 5, 2023
As our program choices and possibilities become more diverse with each passing month at The Preserve, we found some new additions that give us, even more, to anticipate!

We started the month with some of us receiving personalized invitations to attend a special "April Birthday Celebration" later this month. This will provide a nice, smaller, and more intimate opportunity to know each other better, and it was heard through the grapevine that there will be a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake! Is it April 25th yet?!

Later this month, we were pleased to see "just for the men" listed on our program, as we love the combination of pizza, beer, and sports! Also, on Friday, our first of many entertainers will be coming back for Happy Hour. At our monthly Resident Counsel meeting, they said they wanted more entertainers and we listened! In addition, we still have our biweekly music therapist and chair dance teacher sharing their time with us.

Because ice cream is our favorite treat, we have an Ice Cream Outing on the calendar. Froyo Twist lets us have a taste before we make our final selection, and tasting all those flavors is an experience in itself!

Our Friday Happy Hour has become such a favorite that we have made it twice a week, and now residents can party on Wednesdays and on Fridays! Amanda (Human Resources) and Ashley (Life Enrichment) have paired up and will have themed parties, including a "Baseball Bash" and a "Pizza Party!"

All that being said, please know that if we mention we are a bit fatigued, you will now understand why!

See everything planned this month on our April Activities Calendar below.

April Activities Calendar

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