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A Thank You Poem to Our Force

April 25, 2022
As a special thank you to the Mentor Police Department, our residents put their all into creating a poem that really spoke from their hearts. We prepared for writing this by gaining inspiration from our memories and having a thankful mindset.

As society continues focusing on the external, we at The Preserve have been more focused on the internal - the essence of who we really are. We are thriving because of the constant reminders of being sure to fill our hearts with good things.

Humor is the best medicine, therefore, we put much emphasis on being able to laugh with each other, which also bonds us together even more. We find great humor in the irony of life itself! We laugh about how fast time is going, and about how much our viewpoints have matured with age. We are fulfilled and content exactly where we are, and each day challenge ourselves to find humor in something new.

With that being said, we came together to create this thank you poem.

We, the residents of The Preserved of Mentor Ridge, were wondering how we could thank you. We decided to make a poem of gratitude for all of the special things that you do.

The first step was to brainstorm by listing words, qualities and traits of the MPD. We considered what you contribute to our lives, allowing us to feel safe and free.

Because of your selflessness and integrity, insecurity and safety we may rest. This restful slumber comes from knowing our Mentor Police are the best.

As we dream dreams in our minds, to happy places we may go. We all feel so assured that you are the first responders, even when there are 30 inches of snow.

Whenever there is trouble, concern, or a crime, you are there to investigate and always arrive right on time.

We recognize and understand the daily risk for you is real. We thank you for keeping our community safe and know that doing what you do is a big deal.

Please, we ask, that you will remember the vast years of experience we hold. Know that we are here for you as well, for our advice and wisdom are more precious than gold.

Thank you to our Mentor Police Department for everything you do to keep our community safe!

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